Cardboard, it's in our blood.
Think About
Like our packaging projects, Think doesn’t fit the standard template. We’re an award-winning structural packaging design agency established in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. Our focus is purely cardboard. Lovely, adaptable, sustainable cardboard: how to cut it, crease it, and engineer it into something unique and ownable for a brand. We take on projects small and large, local and global, for clients who are tired of the norm and looking to express the personality of their products through structural packaging design.

The plastic blister pack users and standard box template companies probably hate us. We’re not sorry. Your product is driven by your purpose and deserves packaging that enhances it at every touchpoint. So we obsess over the finer details and dielines, coming at every project with fresh thinking, and produce precise hand cut prototypes so you can feel the passion and craft with your own fingertips.
Think Benefits
Cardboard is far kinder to the planet than plastics. You can trust that the sustainability of the ideas and solutions we bring you will have been carefully considered at every step.
We have a wealth of experience over multiple packaging territories. We can help you speed up, simplify and improve your packaging processes, through to creating a bespoke, beautiful piece that wins you a best in show. Whether it's creating packaging for a new tech device, a luxury item, something fragile, big, small, weird or wonderful, we can handle it.

We love collaboration. We’re not tied to any agency, printer or producer, so we will work with the people you trust or simply introduce you to the partners that we do. We’ve been there, done that, loved it. With over 20 years experience with cardboard, we know all its ins outs and possibilities.
Think Services
Structural design
Plastic free packaging
Finished dielines
Design & development
Project management
Final working prototypes
Creativity & innovation
Cardboard engineering
(Infrequently Asked Questions)
What the f*ck is a cardboard engineer?

Simply put... someone who engineers cardboard. Also known as a structural packaging designer. A magnificent, rare and sometimes unrecognised creative.
Why don't you offer graphic design?

We are strictly structural here. We're really quite good at it and prefer to focus on our strengths. We collaborate with graphic designers & agencies from around the globe who are at the top of their game, giving our work the best possible outcome. Plus, we're a social bunch and like to make new friends in new places.
What's better, microns or GSM?

We say microns, as that's the materials true thickness. GSM and micron have no direct correlation; GSM is weight and micron is thickness. One micron = 1000th of a millimetre, hence 500micron = 0.50mm and 1000micron = 1mm. Easy, right?!
How big is your factory?

We do not own a factory or produce in-house at Think. We are also not tied to any printer or producer. We simply work with the people you trust, or introduce you to the partners that we do. 
Think seem really rad, can we work with you?

Absolutely. We work with all businesses from startups to global leaders. Creating designs across the packaging spectrum, (apart from plastics). Cartons, corrugated mailers, rigid-paper covered boxes, influencer & promo packs, one-offs, and all the way through to cardboard models or sets. 
Do you guys use Xacto's?

No. We're Tajima* all the way... Their LC-302 knives & 9mm endura snap-blades are the best in the business. Easy control, precise and well, pretty much perfect. *not a sponsored response
What’s the secret to minimising scalpel cuts?

As a general rule of thumb, concentration & practise. Also, limiting partying throughout the week, avoiding hangovers.
What programs do you use?

We use CAD to draw up our dielines. We also use illustrator to prep & spec them ready for graphic design & production.
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