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From 2016, the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) awards became the country's highest tier of architectural achievement. The annual New Zealand Architecture Awards plays a vital role in the commitment to raise the profile of Architecture and Architects' services by showcasing and celebrating outstanding architecture.

This year, Product Designer Jamie McLellan was commissioned to design the NZIA Award trophies and we were invited to design and develop a piece of packaging suitable to the occasion. To capture the gravity of the awards whilst supporting Jamie’s concept — a flat packed user-assembled trophy, complete with screws, tools and instructions.

The structural package for the NZIA Award completes this concept (in an Ikea kind way), all designed and constructed with multi-layered, die-cut, Kraft Brown E flute corrugated cardboard. Each component fits into a precision crafted cut-out, holding them secure and protecting the anodised metal. All cut-outs incorporate a thumb groove tailored to the same depth as the component, creating a simple and obvious way to lift out.

The multi-layered insert is enclosed and finished with an external cover. This is intentionally oversized lengthwise and uses 3mm double creased edges to add a touch of quality, depth and detail. Additionally, the package would also be handed out on awards night, being enjoyed, opened and closed a number of times — So to complete the pack, a self-locking tab system was designed and engineered to fit comfortably back into the insert, creating the feeling of a single, considered form.

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"Think’s work on this project was beautifully considered and detailed to the nth degree. Made IKEA flat packs look like amateur hour!"
Arch MacDonnell, Creative Director at Inhouse
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